February 22, 2024

How to Use Google Analytics For Blogger

Google analytics is a powerful tool that can provide you with insights into your blog's readership, how they find it, and what they do once they're there. Knowing these things can help you craft a strategy for growing your blog and achieving your blogging goals.

Google Analytics (GA) is a free, comprehensive web analytics service that provides a wealth of data about your readers and how they engage with your content. It also offers a number of features that can help you take your site to the next level. This article will show you how to get started with GA for Blogger, including installing the code and tracking your visitors.

Adding google analytics for blogger is easy and only requires a small piece of code be added to your site. First log into your blogger dashboard and open the template editor. If you have a custom template click on Edit HTML and paste the java script in the head> tag just above /body>. Next you must associate your google analytics account in your webmaster tools by going to the Admin page and clicking on property settings. Once you've done this Google will begin tracking your visitors.

Once you have GA installed you can view your visitor data by navigating to the reporting tab and then clicking on Real Time. Here you will see your current traffic in real-time as well as a breakdown of how many visits you're getting today compared to last month and the year to date. You can also navigate to the audience tab and look at the demographics of your viewers and what pages they're on.

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