February 23, 2024

How to Unblock Someone on Tumblr 2015

Once upon a time in Tumblr’s life, you could block someone and banish them for good. That’s the best way to stop unwanted stalkers, spammers, and other trolls from following you, reblogging your posts, or even talking to you on Tumblr. Of course they’d still be able to access your content if they log out, but since you wouldn’t know they’re doing it (and they wouldn’t be able to hurl revenge messages at you with cloaked accounts), the hard block was a much-needed feature.

Tumblr experimented with a “softer” version of the block function in spring 2012, but it was a disaster. The premise behind the softer option was to prevent trolls from recognising they’d been blocked, which might cut down on some of their revenge tactics (setting up aggressive new accounts, contacting your associates with cloaked messages, etc). Unfortunately this didn’t work out, and Tumblr eventually reinstated the hard block.

Tumblr’s list of blocked blogs now contains pixellated avatars, presumably because the proliferation of porn bots following your account is a bad thing for tumblr as a whole (and arguably for Google, too, since it pushes those pron sites up in search results). And it would be a good idea if Twitter adopted this idea as well.

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