February 23, 2024

How to Turn Off Shopping on Pinterest

If you're an e-commerce merchant or brand that uses pinterest to promote products, you may have noticed your Pinterest profile shop tab disappeared recently. This is a part of some new changes Pinterest is rolling out that will affect how you use pinterest for ecommerce.

In the last couple of years, Pinterest has really stepped up their shopping features. They now have a feature that lets you "shop the look" from static Pin images, and they also have a feature called Visual Search that puts your products in front of users as they search. This is a powerful way for your products to get seen by shoppers as they are planning their purchases (like, say, a kitchen remodel or a wedding).

These tools have become especially effective for brands that focus on omnichannel marketing and sell through multiple channels. For example, Floor & Decor, a brick-and-mortar home retailer, knew that their customers were researching their renovation projects long before they actually started the work, and this feature allows them to serve up relevant product recommendations on their Pinterest page to keep those plans top of mind for shoppers.

However, these shopping recommendations are not always helpful and can be frustrating for some Pinners, especially if they are being shown on every single pin in their feed. Fortunately, it is easy to turn this feature off. Simply open the Pin that you want to disable this for and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Then tap Report Pin and select the reason that best explains how the pin goes against Pinterest's community guidelines.

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