February 22, 2024

How to Turn Off Google Snippets

Google snippets are featured boxes that appear at the top of SERPs for certain searches, answering specific questions that searchers enter. They can be displayed as list, table or text and offer a significant boost in CTR and traffic for sites selected to feature them.

To be selected for a Google snippet, a page must be ranked highly in organic search results for a query and meet other criteria, such as having the searcher’s answer to their question in the on-page content. Snippets are created from the page’s title and description tags, but can also be pulled from the content on the page itself.

Currently, there are four types of featured snippets:

Definition Snippets: Featured snippets that appear when someone enters a query requiring a short definition. Google tends to favor short and simple descriptions that are easily readable.

List Snippets: Featured results that show a number of items in a specific order. These snippets usually feature the most important items first, and often include images and links to other related pages.

Video Snippets: Featured videos that are pulled in when users search for songs, movies or TV shows. These snippets usually contain a link to the video and can be enhanced with thumbnail images.

It’s possible to prevent your site from being shown in a Google snippet by using the nosnippet and data-nosnippet meta tags. However, this is only a temporary solution and will require you to constantly monitor your snippet status as Google may change its algorithm at any time.

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