January 31, 2024

How to Turn Data Into Content

Data has become a buzzword in the content world in recent years and with good reason. Gone are the days of relying on intuition and gut feeling to develop content – those decisions may help generate some visibility, but they won’t drive on-brand value or deliver results for your business. Instead, a data-driven approach will save your team time and money on projects that don’t achieve their intended goals.

In addition to being more efficient, a data-based strategy is also more effective for your audience. When you’re able to present data in an informative and engaging way, it becomes much easier to understand and digest. Infographics, charts, maps, and surveys are all great ways to make data a more accessible part of your content strategy.

Another way to use data is by creating content that’s tailored to individual audience members. This is a powerful tactic that’s more relevant than generic marketing materials and creates a connection between your brand and your audience.

Tech marketers are often faced with the challenge of educating their audience about technology products that require a financial investment. This is a hurdle that can be overcome by using data insights to discover your audience’s needs, wants and interests before positioning your tech platform or service as the solution. Using data to create content that speaks directly to your audience helps shift the focus away from you and onto their needs, which in turn drives more conversions and customer satisfaction.

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