January 29, 2024

How to Track Video Views in Google Analytics

Video can be a powerful asset for any landing page. Research shows that it’s more engaging, converts better and helps visitors retain information. But when it comes to tracking video performance, many businesses fall short. In fact, according to the Vidyard Video Content Benchmark Report, only 42% of brands use basic measurements for their videos.

Google Analytics provides businesses with multiple types of data, but one of the most valuable is how many people view their video. While a view count may seem simple, it’s actually extremely insightful as it reveals not only the number of visitors who watched your video, but also how long they watched it (did they watch it all or just a portion of it?) and even what parts of the video they watched (starting at the beginning or end).

To get this data, you must enable video tracking in your Google Analytics account. To do this, you must first make sure that your website has the Media addon installed. After that, go to your Google Analytics dashboard and scroll down to the Behavior section. To the right of the “Video” header, click Enable video tracking. This will send a unique user id to Google’s servers every time the video is viewed. You can read more about how GA4 handles this data in its Terms of Service.

Next, create a custom event trigger in GTM that listens to all video events. For the trigger configuration, select Google Analytics: GA4 Event as the Tag Type and enter all three Data Layer variables. Then, when a video is played on your site, the GA4 event will be sent to Google’s servers with the actual data dynamically replacing the default values in all three variables.

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