February 23, 2024

How to Title YouTube Videos to Get More Views

As the second largest search engine online, YouTube has the potential to be an important part of your marketing strategy. But in order for your videos to rank well, they need to have the right title and thumbnail. Titles and thumbnails are the first thing that viewers see and are responsible for determining whether or not they will click on the video.

YouTube's algorithm uses the title, description, tags, categories, and likes to determine how the video ranks in search results. To optimize your videos, you need to focus on one keyword or phrase at a time and make sure that the title accurately conveys what is in the video. You also want to include a call to action in your video title and description, such as 'Stay tuned for more, subscribe for more,' or 'follow me on social media.' Adding hashtags is another great way to get your videos found by people searching on YouTube.

In addition to describing the content of your video, video titles should be attention-grabbing and emotionally charged. Use emotion-inducing words and phrases in your video titles, such as "Wow," "I cried," or "You won't believe." Inspiring curiosity is another way to hook viewers on your video. Use question marks or brackets in your video titles to further pique viewer interest. Be careful not to use clickbait titles, however. YouTube punishes clickbait titles by burying them in search results.

Try to keep your video titles under 70 characters so that they can be clearly displayed on YouTube. In addition, capitalize the first letter of each word in your video title to make it look more professional and eye-catching.

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