January 29, 2024

How to Tell If You've Been Shadowbanned Twitter

How to Tell if You've Been Shadowbanned Twitter

If your tweets don't show up in searches or are limited in visibility, you may have been shadowbanned on twitter. The social media site resorts to this measure if it thinks your tweets violate its terms of service. Twitter says it ranks tweets based on factors such as popularity and whether they're in the public feed or in search. It will also rank tweets lower if they seem to manipulate or divide conversation.

Twitter also says it can limit the reach of accounts that post spam, follow many other users in short order, or engage in hateful conduct. If your tweets fall into any of these categories, it's a good idea to contact Twitter customer support and explain your situation.

Some digital marketers rely on Twitter to drive traffic to their websites and other products. However, using an account to share manipulated content like deep fakes, photoshopped images, or other ad campaigns could earn them a ban. It is also against Twitter's terms of service to promote violence, hate, or terrorism, or to use the platform for illegal activities.

If you suspect you've been shadowbanned, try not to panic and take a break from the site for 24 to 72 hours. This should reset the X and hopefully lift the ban. It is also important to remove any automated services you're using on the account, such as those that track and add followers.

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