January 30, 2024

How to Tell If You're Banned From a Subreddit

If you're using Reddit and you find yourself unable to comment or create posts, it may be because you're banned from that subreddit. Reddit allows moderators to ban users from specific subreddits, but you might not get a notification when you're banned. If you've been banned from a subreddit, it's called being shadowbanned and it can be pretty frustrating.

The reason why you might be banned will vary depending on your actions and the rules of the subreddit in question. For example, most subreddits have a rule against self-promotion and might only let you post one link to your website or channel per week. Some will also have a karma and age requirement that you must meet before you can comment or submit links to the subreddit.

You might also be banned from a subreddit if you've made an abusive or harassing post. Reddit takes a strict stance against bullying and harassment and will remove any offending comments or submissions from your account.

Finally, some redditors might be banned for spamming or violating the community guidelines. Posting too many links or upvoting your own submissions with a second account are big red flags that can get you banned from a subreddit.

If you're banned from a subreddit by a moderator, you will receive a private message informing you that your account has been suspended from that subreddit. If you're banned from a subreddit via AutoModerator, you won't receive a private message but you'll know something has happened because your submissions will be marked with a "[removed]" tag.

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