February 23, 2024

How to Tell If a YouTube Channel is Monetized

Monetization is one of the main ways that youtube creators make money. They can earn from sponsored ads, affiliate links, merchandise sales, licensing their videos to other brands or platforms (like Patreon) and fan patronage. Usually, you can tell if a YouTube video is monetized because there are ads running before or during the video. Some videos also have a “yt_ad” string in their page source.

To see if a YouTube channel is monetized, you can view their page source and search for the value “is_monetization_enabled”. If this is set to true, then that indicates that their videos are monetized. However, there are other indicators of monetization that are not as obvious. For example, many youtubers will mention their sponsors in the description of their videos or use video cards that display a list of their sponsors. Some youtubers also promote their merch on social media or even sell it in their stores.

Since 2022, YouTube has started showing Ads on non-monetized channels and videos. This is because they have started penalizing channels that are not adhering to their monetization policies. This is mainly because of copyright violations and other issues. In order to prevent these penalties, it is best for creators to follow their monetization guidelines and ensure that their content is advertiser-friendly. This will help them earn more money and keep their monetization status.

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