February 23, 2024

How to Target Small Business Owners on Facebook

Facebook allows businesses to create targeted ads that are shown only to specific audiences. This allows advertising budgets to go much farther and helps small businesses get the highest return on investment possible. When targeting Facebook users, you can select “Business Owners” or “Small Business Owners” as a target audience. You can also use Facebook’s other targeting options, such as location, interests, and behaviors.

Using Facebook’s Interest Targeting, you can find individuals who have an interest in business owners and entrepreneurship. You can do this by simply searching for “Business” in the interest section of your facebook ad account. You can then narrow down the search further by incorporating keywords or specific job titles that are often associated with business owners (such as CEO, Founder, or Owner).

You can also use the Facebook Ads Manager to find business owners through their page admins and other information they have provided. You can even find them by utilizing the Lookalike Audiences feature which finds audiences that look a lot like your existing customer list or website visitors.

Another great way to reach out to small business owners on Facebook is to create a sponsored post with valuable content that can help them with their company. For example, a company offering business coaching services can make a post featuring useful tips or advice for improving the efficiency of your company. You can then target this post to people who have an interest in entrepreneurship, small business management, or leadership development.

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