February 23, 2024

How to Stop Seeing Friends Likes on Facebook 2017

Like it or not, there are a lot of people out there that want to see what you’re up to on Facebook. These could be best friends, family members, your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your Facebook stalkers.

Facebook’s algorithm takes into account a lot of different factors when it comes to what you see on the site. This includes how often you interact with each person (likes, comments and wall posts) as well as what pages they’ve liked. It also considers if you’ve seen their profile and photos as well as the profiles of other people who have viewed those same photos and photos.

Another factor is how much you and your friends like or dislike each other’s content. For example, if your friend is constantly liking cute animal photos then they may start showing up more often in your newsfeed than they used to. It might not be something that you need to address but it’s still a factor to keep in mind.

If you want to reclaim some of your privacy on Facebook you can easily hide your likes from other people. It’s not possible to do this on the mobile app but it is easy enough from a computer. Simply visit your personal page and click the 3-dot menu then select “Edit the privacy of your likes”. You can choose who sees each category from there. For example, if you want to hide the fact that you like music you can click the globe icon next to the Music category and then select ‘Only me’.

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