January 31, 2024

How to Stop Random Followers on Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, chances are that you have encountered spam accounts. These are accounts that follow you without any apparent connection or interest in your content, and they can be a big pain for both personal and business use. They can block your growth, distort insights, and even send you inappropriate or even phishing messages. This article offers guidance on how to stop random followers on instagram and get rid of them for good.

Why Do I Get These Spam Followers?

Some people look at raw follower, like, and comment numbers to determine an Instagram's quality. However, more savvy users will notice when your following list is full of empty or fake accounts. Furthermore, a high number of unfollows or spammed messages can hurt your brand's reputation and may result in fewer organic likes, comments, or engagement from real users.

One reason why you might be getting these spam followers is that you have been reposted by a user or a bot. Bots follow profiles in the hopes that the account will follow back in order to boost their own follower count and visibility on the platform.

Another reason why you might be seeing these spam follows is that you have hit Instagram's following limitations. Instagram's limits are designed to prevent spam and maintain a healthy community experience for all its users. As a result, the platform will sometimes automatically unfollow accounts to keep their following counts within the limit.

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