January 31, 2024

How to Start an Advice Column Blog

Whether it's to give advice on relationships, cars or hair care, writing an advice column blog is a fun way to share your wisdom with the world. You can start a professional advice column blog on your own or pitch a column to the online forums of larger newspapers.

Many professional advice column writers begin their careers by writing for smaller publications. This enables them to work their way up in the writing business and gain experience before they can seek out paid opportunities.

Writing an advice column is all about finding the right tone and the right voice for your audience. Generally, columns tend to have some level of humor or levity that's meant to lighten the mood. However, some advice columnists dole out very serious or sage advice on the issues at hand. It's a bit of a tightrope to walk, and the balance between the two can be tricky to find.

Unlike the Dear Abby or Ask Ann Landers-style of practical advice that dominates much of today's newspaper writing, literary advice columnists often try to use their work as a vehicle for other kinds of issues. Katy Waldman, for example, likened Havrilesky's writing to "a deep working through of vulnerabilities one yearns to see as universal." Cary Tennis was praised by Siobhan Welch as the Anti-Dear Abby, offering a more thoughtful and tentative approach to life than the comforting cliches that dominated the genre.

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