January 30, 2024

How to Start a Post on LinkedIn

If you want to get noticed on linkedin, you need good content. You need a post that is interesting enough to grab someone’s attention and something they want to comment on or share with their network. It’s no secret that LinkedIn’s algorithm favors posts that are not self-promotional. However, there are different types of posts you can write that still promote your business.

For example, you can mention your team members’ accomplishments, congratulate people on their birthday or a recent promotion, or simply highlight something that is going well in the company. These type of posts will not only boost your engagement but also your reach. You can even use the popular carousel post to share a set of photos, videos or pdfs in a slick slide presentation. Another great way to show off your expertise is by posting a Find an Expert post where you offer help with a specific project or task.

You can also share a link to an online event you are hosting or an article you’ve written that would be of interest to your audience. Lastly, LinkedIn’s not-so-well known Find an Expert post is a great place to ask for recommendations from your network or to showcase your own knowledge in a particular area of expertise.

To create a post, go to your LinkedIn dashboard and click the “Start a new post” button that appears above the news feed. This will open the Publishing Composer and let you add your content. Once you’re happy with the post, select who can see it – either everyone, everyone except your connections, or just your connection. You can also choose a group or a list you’d like to see the post with. You can even add a call to action, such as ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Learn More’ or ‘Register for Training’.

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