January 30, 2024

How to Spy on Facebook Ads to Understand Your Competitors

Facebook is a powerful marketing platform that allows you to connect with your target audience. Many brands are using it to promote their products and services. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind to make your campaign successful. One of them is spying on competitors. This process is not meant to copy their strategies but to understand them better so you can adapt them to suit your business.

You can use various Facebook ad spy tools to find the best ones that suit your needs. You can search for specific ads or filter by type and location. Some of these tools also provide you with detailed information such as the number of times the ad has been seen, its placement in the news feed or on the side, and the actual business page that’s promoting it.

Spyder, a tool by Foreplay, is a great option to get started with this practice. It automatically analyzes competitors’ ads and provides you with valuable insights and breakdowns that the basic Facebook ad library lacks. For instance, it identifies A/B variations and groups similar ads together, making it easier to spot what’s working for your competitors. It also saves all the ads’ landing pages, which you can then analyze to identify their value proposition and conversion funnel.

Another tool worth trying is PowerAdSpy, which maintains complete transparency of ad analytics. It categorizes ads based on where they’re being displayed and provides you with a list of the best performing campaigns.

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