February 23, 2024

How to Share Your Snapchat With Your Teen

Snapchat is a popular messaging app that gives its users some control over what information they share. Its users can create and send photos and videos, called “snaps,” that self-destruct after a few seconds or minutes. They can also use emoji, stickers, and filters to personalize their snaps. They can also add their location to their snaps and make their snaps public via the Snap Map, allowing friends and followers to view their live locations.

Kids should be aware that any snap they send can be saved or screenshotted on their device, even if they set it to self-destruct. They should also be wary of sharing personal or sensitive information, such as addresses, license plates, or other identifying features. It’s best to have a conversation with your teen about how Snapchat works before they download it.

Adding friends to Snapchat is easy. Users can upload their contact list or find people by searching for usernames or using the camera to scan a friend’s unique Snapcode, which is like a QR code. They can also share their Bitmoji, a personalized avatar that is associated with their Snapchat account, to easily let others know they’re friends.

Other Snapchat features include Memories, a place to save snaps so they’re not automatically deleted after 24 hours, and Stories, which are a compilation of snaps that can be shared publicly for up to 30 seconds. Snapchat also offers geofilters, which are a fun way to mark a special event, and world lenses, which are augmented reality elements that can be added to photos and video.

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