January 30, 2024

How to Share a Dashboard in Grafana

When you create a new dashboard, you are given the option to share it via template link or object. Both options have their own benefits, and which one you choose will depend on your goals. By sharing the dashboard as an object, other users will see it in their account and have the option to delete it (but not edit it). By sharing the template link, other users can add it as a private dashboard to one or more views.

To create a template link, select the Actions button next to your custom report in the dashboard and then click on "share". This will generate a link that can be copied. The dashboard is now available to other users who follow this link, and they will be able to duplicate the dashboard and make changes to their data sources and filters.

A few additional things to note about template links:

Name - Enter a name for the link to identify it. Tooltip - Add a tooltip that displays when the user hovers over the link. Icon - Select an icon that you want displayed with the link. From - Set the lower limit of the time range, specified in ms epoch. To - Set the upper limit of the time range, specified in

You can also choose to include the template variables currently used as query parameters in the link (see Dashboard URL variables). Once the dashboard is added, other users who follow this link will be able to see these values in the graphs in Grafana.

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