February 22, 2024

How to Send Messages As a Bot on Discord

Discord is a popular text and voice communication platform with a multitude of bots that can be programmed to perform countless tasks from moderating channels to playing music in voice channels and everything in between. A common role of discord bots is two-way messaging to users' phones, which can be a great way to notify friends about important events or keep them updated on progress. But two-way messages in the default general channel can become spammy quickly and it's usually more useful to create a dedicated channel for this purpose.

To enable this feature, first create a dedicated channels in the Discord server that only allows members of the private group to message you. On the left tab, click + Add a new channel and select either Text or Private Channel (the latter requires that the user be a member of the private group). Name the channel and set it as read only to prevent regular users from posting messages.

Then, create a form for the new channel in the web application and link it to a custom business process with a POST endpoint for sending data to the backend. Make sure the module is installed and specify your bot token in its settings.

Bots communicate with Discord through the WebSocket and REST APIs, though most bots tend to rely primarily on events from the WebSocket API and cache the information they receive from the REST API for efficiency reasons. Querying the REST API to get user information every time a Message Create event is triggered, for example, can be slow and costly because of Discord's rate limits.

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