February 23, 2024

How to Sell on Whatnot

You make the right calls all day, deliver your pitches flawlessly, and donate to every one of your potential clients’ kid’s school fundraisers—but you still aren’t closing any sales. You’re clearly screwing something up, and it’s time to figure out what.

One of the fastest-growing reseller platforms is Whatnot, a live auction-style marketplace that’s basically eBay and Twitch in one. The platform launched in 2019 and quickly started focusing on Funko Pop collectibles, but it’s now expanded to cover cards, comics, and other fan favorites. The platform is a great place for collectors to buy and sell their collections, but it also has an appeal for high-volume sellers who use the fast flip business model—buying low-cost of goods items and selling them at top dollar as quickly as possible.

Sellers host their own live show on the platform, and they can choose to either hold an auction or sell items immediately at a set price. The best shows are lively, funny, and fast-paced, and they often feature hosts geeking out about their products and answering questions from buyers. They may even play games and offer giveaways during their sales!

During their sale, sellers create pre-paid shipping labels for buyers to print from their seller dashboard. They’ll also keep track of who bought what, and they can then ship their items to the buyer as soon as they’re sold. In most cases, Whatnot pays sellers on the same day that they receive their shipment of sold merchandise.

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