February 22, 2024

How to Sell an Idea to Apple

So, you’ve got an amazing app idea that you know could be huge. You want to reach out to Apple and see if they’d be interested in developing your idea and paying you for it. But how do you get in touch with someone at the company?

Unfortunately, you’ll find that the answer is not very simple. Currently, the company does not accept any unsolicited ideas. In fact, they’re so adamant about this that they even go as far as to publish a policy on the subject.

According to the terms of the policy, if you submit any unsolicited ideas, you essentially agree that they become the property of the company and can be used as they wish. This means that even if the company decides to not implement your app, they might go as far as stealing your idea behind your back and working on it themselves.

However, the policy also mentions that if a submission is deemed to be of sufficient interest, it may be considered for future development. That would be a very unlikely situation though. It is much more likely that your idea will be ignored and not implemented at all.

This is because, as we’ve discussed in this article before, it takes a lot of work to turn an idea into a successful app. It requires a great deal of time, resources and execution. Plus, big companies already have their own ideas of how to solve a problem.

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