February 22, 2024

How to See Your Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking website dedicated to professional relationships. The site operates on the principles of privacy, community, and sharing. Members agree to post content that is respectful of the rights of others, and the site’s terms of service stipulate that no one may post anything illegal or offensive. In addition to connecting members with potential employers and job opportunities, LinkedIn also allows members to join communities in dozens of interest areas. These groups encourage communication between members, and their posts are shared on the LinkedIn Feed, which cycles through the home pages of all first-degree connections.

LinkedIn posts can be viewed on the platform’s mobile app and desktop sites. Locating the posts on a desktop requires navigating to the profile page, scrolling down to the activity section and clicking “See all” in the activity overview screen.

From there, click on “Posts” to access your posts and to see the available stats for each post (including comments and likes). LinkedIn provides this data in an effort to give users insights into how well their articles are performing. The information provided can assist in determining which type of LinkedIn user typically views your posts.

While LinkedIn’s free account offers many features, the Premium subscription is more comprehensive. It includes the ability to boost 3 posts per month and access LinkedIn Learning. Premium users can also see who has viewed their profile, and send InMail to people outside of their network.

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