January 30, 2024

How to See Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a social networking site used for professional purposes. The site is designed to allow professionals from all industries to connect with each other. LinkedIn also allows users to follow industry influencers, and join groups that are relevant to their interests. The site is similar to other social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn allows you to view your posts from the desktop or mobile app. On the desktop you can find your posts by navigating to your profile and scrolling down to the activity section. You can click on the “See all” button in the activity section and then select “Posts”. LinkedIn will show you all the available stats for your posts, including views, reactions and likes, user comments and more. You can also view information about who saw your post by clicking on the highlighted text on the bottom of each post.

On the mobile app, you can navigate to your profile and then tap on the “See all” button in the profile navigation. You can then select “Posts & activity”. LinkedIn will show you all the available stats and you can also select “View all” to see your posts and the insights that come with them.

LinkedIn is restrictive when it comes to giving you insights about your posts, which is why many people use tools to get more comprehensive metrics. One such tool is AuthoredUp, which provides a visualization of historical data for your posts, and helps you to understand your engagement over time. It also includes a feature to help you improve your readability score, so that your content is more engaging.

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