February 23, 2024

How to See Your Liked Videos on Pinterest Go in 2022

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow users to share and save their ideas, inspiration, and thoughts. The platform also allows users to interact with pins by liking them and commenting on them. However, if you want your pins to go viral on Pinterest, you need to make sure that they are engaging and attract attention from the audience. This can be done by creating eye-catching and interesting content and posting them at the best time. In addition, you should use tools like Circleboom Publish to create and schedule your posts.

Where Did My Liked Videos on Pinterest Go?

While Pinterest used to have a ‘like’ tab, it was removed in 2017. The platform replaced this feature with the 'Save' button, which works just as the previous 'Like' button did. Moreover, any pins that were 'liked' before the change now appear in a new 'Your Pinterest Likes' board on your profile when you sign in. This is a private board that only you can access, but it still functions the same way as the 'like' tab did before.

If you want to keep your 'Your Pinterest Likes' board private, you can do so by changing the privacy settings on that board. This is a more complicated process than just clicking the 'Like' button before, but it does accomplish nearly the same goal. You can also create hidden boards to keep your 'Your Pinterest Likes' or 'Pins You've Saved' pins, which will work just as well.

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