February 24, 2024

How to See Your Facebook Marketplace Rating

Whether you're selling items for your business or simply reselling items for personal use, a high rating on Facebook Marketplace can help potential customers feel confident in your products and services. As a seller, it's important to know how to see your fb marketplace rating and understand how your ratings are calculated.

After purchasing a product on the marketplace, buyers are automatically prompted to rate their experience with the seller. This can occur right after the sale or even days later. Buyers can choose between a rating of one to five stars, and they can also write a comment about their experience. This review will be visible to other buyers who view the seller's profile.

While a low marketplace rating may hurt your sales, there are ways to improve your rating over time. Maintaining excellent customer service, communicating well with buyers and shipping items quickly are all key factors in earning a good rating. It's also important to avoid blackmailing buyers by threatening to leave them negative feedback if they don't meet your expectations, as this is against Facebook's terms of service.

If you see a negative rating on your marketplace profile that you believe is unfair, you can report it to Facebook. You'll need to have a valid Facebook account to report a rating. Once the rating has been reported, it can take hours, days or weeks for Facebook to review and approve the rating. If approved, the rating will be removed from your marketplace profile.

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