February 23, 2024

How to See Stitches and Duets on TikTok

How to See Stitches and Duets on TikTok

Stitches and Duets are cool features that let you record a side-by-side or picture-in-picture video with a pre-uploaded TikTok created by another user. They work well for reactions or elaborating on a topic discussed in a trending video.

Both Stitches and Duets can help you get more views on your videos. They're like TikTok version of a quote tweet, but with more visual flair and in-the-moment responses. Stitching is especially useful for brands that want to engage with their audience. For example, a beauty creator might stitch a popular makeup technique from a fellow content creator to try it out for themselves, or a skincare brand might use Stitches to educate their audience on ingredients in face wash.

To create a Stitch, go to the For You tab and find a video you wish to use. Then, tap the 'Share' icon in the bottom right corner of the video (the red one with two plus signs). If the author has allowed Stitches and/or Duets, you will see a Stitch button. Tap it and select up to 5 seconds of the original clip to use in your Stitch. After you've selected the footage, you can optimize your video with captions, location, tags, and more before sharing it.

To view a Stitch, open the Discover tab in the app and search for a video. You'll see numerous Stitches for that video in the results, along with the original creator's username.

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