February 23, 2024

How to See Liked Pins on Pinterest 2022

Before likes were removed on pinterest 2022, pinners had the option to either 'like' a post or save it to a board. This was a great way to track your favorites while also keeping them private from other users on the site. Since this feature has been removed, many pinners are wondering where did my liked pins on pinterest go?

The best place to see your previously 'liked' pins on pinterest is by visiting the 'Your Pinterest Likes' board. This is a private board that only you can view when you're signed in. You can also continue to save any new Pins you like to this board if you'd like.

How to Find Your Liked Pins on Pinterest 2022

In the past, whenever you 'liked' a pin on pinterest it would automatically be added to a new 'Liked Pins' tab on your profile. However, this tab was no longer available in 2018, and any previously 'liked' Pins would be moved to a new private board called 'Your Pinterest Likes'.

This change was made by pinterest in an effort to make the platform more streamlined and private. It was likely done in hopes of reducing spammy activity on the platform and making it easier for users to manage their content and follow their friends' Pins. While it was a sad move for many, this major adjustment has proven to be beneficial for pinterest in the long run. If you're upset that you can no longer see your liked Pins, you can get almost all of the same functionality by creating a secret board and saving any Pins that you like to it.

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