February 22, 2024

How to See If Someone's Active on TikTok

There are some ways to see if someone's active on tiktok. One way is to look for notifications from the app in real time. These can be from things like new likes, comments, mention follows and other interactions on your profile. If the person you're looking for has received a notification in real time then they are definitely logged on and using the TikTok app.

Another way to see if someone's active on TikTok is to watch their recent uploads. This is because people are most likely logged on when they upload videos. However, this method is not as reliable as looking for notifications.

You can also try messaging the person. If they respond quickly then they are probably logged on and using the TikTok application. However, if they don't reply then they are probably not using the TikTok app.

It has been reported that it takes about 10 minutes for a person's Activity Status to update and accurately reflect their online presence. Therefore, if you've just stopped using the TikTok app and it says that you are active then give it about 10 minutes before the true status is updated.

There is a more direct way to check someone's activity status on TikTok but it only works between mutual followers and you both have the feature enabled. You can enable this in your privacy settings. Once the feature is enabled, it will show a green dot next to the user's name when they are active on the app.

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