January 31, 2024

How to See Comments on a Facebook Story

Facebook has introduced stories as a way to encourage users to create more user-generated content once again. They’re short photo or video collections that can be uploaded to the Facebook app and are considered a second news feed on the social network.

Unlike your regular wall posts, which are displayed on your timeline and can be seen by anyone, the contents of your facebook story are private unless you make it public. Facebook has also changed the format of their stories, introducing a “Comment” field for public responses to your stories and a ‘Send message’ prompt for private replies.

If you want to see who has commented on your facebook stories, you can access this information by visiting the page admin dashboard. The activity log has a “Comments” section where you can view a chronological list of comments for all your facebook stories.

You can also find the number of unique story opens and forward taps on your story from the insights tab of your Facebook page. This will help you measure the success of your story and make informed decisions about future content.

You can use various stickers and effects to enhance your facebook stories like the name sticker for highlighting other accounts or poll sticker for getting feedback from your audience. You can even include a custom link to a website or page and add a CTA button for users to take action. All of these features are now available for all facebook users and pages as well.

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