February 23, 2024

How to Remove Inactive Members From Your Facebook Group

If you’re an admin of a facebook group you may have seen that your members count has dropped, or the number of people who engage with posts is much less than before. This is because facebook has changed the way they handle membership of groups.

The social network has moved to an opt-in rather than opt-out system for joining groups. From now on, anyone added to a group must physically accept the invitation by reacting or commenting on a post. Anyone who does not do this will be removed from the group. The company says they want to ensure that people who join a group are doing so because it is relevant and useful to them.

In the past, Facebook would simply add a person to a group if they were friends with someone who was already a member of that group. This was considered to be the best way to make sure the person received notifications about new posts in a specific group. However, this caused some people to be added to groups that they were not interested in and received numerous notifications about secondhand items for sale or other non-relevant topics.

A Google Chrome extension called smart Friends Remover for Facebook can help you find inactive members in a snap. This tool scans your entire list of Facebook friends and demonstrates their level of engagement with your content. It also includes a feature to select and delete multiple friends with one click.

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