February 22, 2024

How to Rate Someone on Facebook Marketplace

As an online marketplace with a huge audience, facebook has invested in its Marketplace platform to offer sellers the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential buyers. In addition to listing items, buyers have the option of rating and reviewing their experiences with sellers on Marketplace. This is a great way for buyers to provide feedback about their experience and help other buyers make informed purchasing decisions. If you are a seller on facebook Marketplace, knowing how to rate someone on facebook marketplace is important for maintaining your reputation and credibility.

Buyers are prompted to rate sellers after every purchase or communication on the platform, provided that the seller marks the item as sold and has not blocked the buyer on Facebook. The request for a rating and review is sent to the buyer via Messenger on their iPhone or Android device. Once the buyer selects a rating and provides a comment, the seller’s overall rating is displayed on their profile.

Despite the fact that individual ratings are no longer publicly visible, buyers should still rate their experiences on marketplace to help keep the community safe from scams and poor product quality. When rating a seller, it is important for buyers to be honest and consider all aspects of their purchasing experience. This includes factors like quality of the item, shipping time, and communication with the seller. It is also important for buyers to leave a comment explaining why they rated a seller a certain way.

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