January 30, 2024

How to Rate an App

App ratings and reviews are among the most important factors for success in the App Store. They’re not only a key aspect of App Store Optimization (ASO) but also give users a medium to express their gratitude or frustration, request improvements and help others make an informed decision about your app.

While a positive rating is a great way to drive downloads and improve your ASO, you also need to address negative ratings in order to maintain your app’s reputation and ensure long-term growth. To do so, you must have a solid understanding of how the Apple App Store and Google Play app review system work:

How to Rate an App

Each time a user opens your app in the App Store they can choose one to five stars. A higher star rating translates into a more trustworthy recommendation, which drives downloads and conversions.

Users can also provide a written review of their experience with your app, expressing both their praise and complaints. You can then use their feedback to address their concerns and show your commitment to improving the app.

Ratings and reviews can have a significant impact on the App Store’s search feature and algorithm, and they’re an essential component of app store optimization (ASO). A positive rating can increase your tap-through rate in the search results and on the app’s product page, while a negative rating will negatively affect both. Getting a lot of positive ratings requires proactively asking your users to rate the app, but you must also be careful about when and how you ask.

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