January 30, 2024

How to Promote Shorts on YouTube

As short-form video dominates social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube, it’s important for brand new and small creators to utilize promotional tactics to grow their audience. YouTube, the unrivaled champion of video platforms, boasts 50 billion daily views, which means the potential for reach is huge. This article covers tips for promoting your YouTube Shorts to reach the most viewers possible.

Create captivating thumbnails and a clear call-to-action to engage your audience and maximize the impact of your YouTube Shorts. Identify your channel’s tone, whether it be demonstrative, funny, or informative, and make sure your Shorts align with that. Keep in mind, YouTube Shorts are designed to be viewed on mobile devices, so it’s important to shoot and edit videos in vertical format.

Stay up to date on trends and challenges within your niche and the YouTube Shorts community and create content that aligns with these, or puts a unique spin on them. Riding the wave of a popular challenge will expose your video to a broader viewer base and potentially gain you more views.

Make sure your video is searchable by utilizing relevant keywords in the title and description, as well as incorporating these words into your subtitles. This will help your video be discovered organically, and ranked higher in search results. Engage with your viewers through comments and hearts (likes) on your videos, as this will help your video be recommended to other users. Lastly, collaborate with other creators in your community for videos that showcase each others’ talents.

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