January 29, 2024

How to Promote a Virtual Event

Virtual events offer organizers a unique advantage over in-person gatherings. Attendees can come from all over the world and you aren’t limited by space or travel & accommodation costs. However, it’s still important to promote the event well so that it achieves your goals and objectives.

The right virtual event platform can make it easy for registrants to discover and navigate your online conference. Your event platform should allow you to create a custom landing page that displays all the information attendees need to join your virtual event. This can include the agenda, sessions, and exhibitor & sponsor directories. The event platform should also provide a live-stream and a digital library of session content like speaker webcasts, slides, and informational panels.

Keeping People Engaged Over the Long Haul

The downside of holding a virtual event is that it’s easy for attendees to check out and nod off during lengthy sessions. You can combat this by building in more value and ensuring that your sessions are short (ideally under an hour). You can also repurpose event content post-event, using highlights and video recordings of event sessions as standalone content for your website and other channels.

You can also create branded experiences and activities for your audience that will make them want to come back for more. One popular example is Olive and June’s Mani Bootcamp, which included an “everything box” with all the tools needed to have a full-on at-home manicure.

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