January 31, 2024

How to Promote a Conference Successfully

Whether it’s an in-person or virtual conference, getting people to take time out of their busy schedules and money out of their tight budgets requires careful orchestration, clear communication, and marketing savviness. It’s even more challenging when trying to convince the same group of attendees to come back to the same event year after year.

The first step is to identify what attendees want to learn and how your conference can help meet those goals. This information will guide everything else you do, from launching a call for papers to developing speaker information and sponsorship packages.

Next, start working the soft sell. Reach out to individuals who attended last year and encourage them to register again, using the content you collected—like video testimonials, photos, and infographics—to show how great your previous event was. You can also use these materials to educate on-the-fence attendees and help them justify their event attendance to their bosses or colleagues.

Once you’ve established your theme and agenda, launch a “save the date” campaign on social media and through email campaigns. Then begin distributing speaker and presenter bios and presentations, as well as creating the conference website.

Ensure your GTM and sales enablement teams are ready for the conference with custom sales assets, webinars, and training opportunities. Also, make sure you’ve developed a contingency plan in case registration doesn’t go as smoothly as expected, or an unexpected crisis occurs and the venue has to close shop.

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