February 22, 2024

How to Prevent Fake Accounts

Fake accounts are a problem for all kinds of digital businesses. Criminals using fake profiles can commit fraud, steal data, and take over sites and services for a variety of illicit reasons. For legitimate users, they can be annoying and confusing. And for digital business teams, fake accounts can misconstrue data, skew research findings, and undermine marketing strategies.

Fraudsters, hackers, and impostors create thousands of fake social media accounts every day — they can impersonate celebrities, influencers, brands, and even themselves. These fake accounts can be used to steal followers or spam them with phishing links and scams.

Social media platforms must be vigilant in identifying and eliminating these profiles to protect their users and keep their reputations clean. They can do this by implementing verification features like authenticator, phone number verification (which helps prevent burner phones), and other ways to identify real accounts from fake ones.

Savvy internet users understand that not all information is equal and it’s important to know the source before giving credence to a story. But for fraudsters, fake social accounts are the perfect vehicle to spread misinformation and gain credibility.

To spot fake accounts, look for long usernames with lots of symbols or empty bio sections, and posts that are inconsistent in quality. Additionally, look for a profile photo that’s low-resolution or appears elsewhere on the internet — these are red flags.

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