January 30, 2024

How to Post on Pinterest 2023

Pinterest is both a social media platform and a visual discovery search engine. Its 450 million monthly users find inspiration in categories such as home and garden, fashion, food and drink, travel, beauty, and crafts. It is also a popular destination for meal delivery services and other e-commerce companies to drive traffic to their website.

Getting started on Pinterest is relatively easy. You can use a photo or video from your smartphone, take a new image using the Pinterest app’s camera, or upload an existing one. To maximize visibility and engagement, your content needs to be Pinnable and have a clear description. A good title and description is important because the Pinterest system looks at a range of factors when categorizing content for search.

To ensure that your Pins can be discovered, Pinterest recommends that you include keywords in your descriptions. This is similar to SEO and will help your Pins rank higher in Pinterest searches. It is also a good idea to use Rich Pins for your most important content, as they increase engagement and click-through rates.

Understanding the best times to post on pinterest is a vital part of your strategy. There are two ways to determine the optimal posting times: cross your fingers and rely on global averages or use a tool that understands your specific audience and analyzes your Pins to optimize for performance. Our scheduling tool, Circleboom Publish, has a Pinterest optimization feature that makes this process easier than ever.

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