February 22, 2024

How to Post in a Group on Facebook

Facebook Groups are an extremely effective way for businesses to connect with their audience, cultivate leads, and secure sales. Consistently posting in groups is a crucial strategy that enables brands to showcase their product, captivate customers, and establish themselves as leaders in the industry.

Unlike Pages, Groups are not public by default and require admin approval to join. When a business sets up a group, it can choose between two types: private visible and secret. Private visible is ideal for 99% of businesses, since it allows administrators to vet new members and ensures that only people who requested to join the group can access content posted there. This type of group also includes an opt-in option where a potential member can provide their email address to be added to the group, which can help keep out spambots.

If a business decides to pause a Group, it must write an announcement and notify all members of the decision. The announcement must include a link to the Group’s policies and explain why the group is being paused. If a business wants to reactivate the group, it must write another announcement and notify all current members.

Facebook enables Page and Account admins to connect their groups with the SmarterQueue app, so that they can post to one or multiple accounts simultaneously while leaving a delay between each post (similar to how you can publish to multiple social media accounts at the same time from your profile). The administrator of the Group must add the App to the Group in order for it to be connected with SmarterQueue.

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