January 31, 2024

How to Pin a Tweet That Isn't Yours

Twitter is an online social media platform where millions of users share, connect, and engage with each other. In addition to its social networking features, it also has a number of ways for brands and companies to promote their business. One of the most effective ways to attract followers and increase brand awareness is through pinned tweets.

A pinned tweet is the first one that appears when someone visits your Twitter profile. It is also visible to anyone who views your profile, regardless of whether they were following you when it was originally posted. Therefore, if you have an important or relevant message that you want to make sure your audience sees, then pinning it is a good idea.

To pin a tweet that isn’t yours, first open a browser on your computer or laptop and go to the official Twitter website. Log in with your account and then select the profile option from the drop-down menu. Next, locate the tweet that you want to pin and then click on the three-dot vertical menu button next to it. Then, select “Pin to Profile” from the options that appear.

This will pin the tweet to your profile, ensuring that it remains at the top of your Twitter feed no matter how many new tweets you post. However, if you ever decide that you no longer want the tweet pinned to your profile, then you can remove it by selecting the inverted triangle / three dots menu button next to the tweet and then choosing “unpin from profile” from the options that appear.

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