January 31, 2024

How to Make Your Facebook Story Longer

Facebook Stories is a feature that lets you share photos and videos with your friends. Unlike regular posts on your profile, stories disappear after 24 hours and can only be seen by the people who you share them with. Stories can be used to capture important moments like family vacations, birthday parties or major achievements. They can also be used to add fun filters and lenses to your content. Facebook also allows users to add text, stickers, polls, questions, music and location tags to their stories.

Typically, when you upload a video to your story, it is limited to 30 seconds. However, there are a few ways to get around this restriction and post longer videos on your Facebook story.

The first method is to use a video editing app to split your long video into 30-second segments before uploading it to your story. The second method is to use Facebook Messenger to upload unedited long videos directly to your story bypassing the default limit.

To do this, open one of your friend’s conversations in the Messenger app and tap the photo and videos icon at the bottom left corner as if you were about to send a video to them. But instead of choosing the ‘Send’ option, choose ‘Edit’. You will see the option ‘Add to story’ – tap it and wait for your full, unedited video to be uploaded on your FB story. This method may affect your reach, so it is best to use it judiciously.

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