February 22, 2024

How to Make Wikipedia Simple Hack

In the age of information, we all look for answers on the internet. We search on google and 70% of the time we land up on wikipedia. This crowd sourced quick user edited encyclopedia is the biggest knowledge resource on the planet today. In fact, Wikipedia has more than 5 billion views every month.

The name Wikipedia comes from the Hawaiian word for quick, and it certainly is that. It takes just a few seconds to write an article on the site, and anyone with a computer can edit it. It is the largest open source encyclopedia on the web, but that doesn't necessarily mean its information is accurate. Anyone can create a page, and while many contributors are scrupulous, others are not. Some intentionally deface pages, while others post false information or obscene material.

Luckily, the community-driven nature of the site can help correct these problems. And while a classic encyclopedia may take years to update its articles with new scientific findings, the site's editors can usually make it happen much more quickly.

If you have a Wikipedia account and are logged in, you can create a "Simple" version of any article by changing its URL to begin with the prefix WP:SIMPLE (or a shorter variant like this: S:). This will redirect users to a summary page that is a simple paraphrase of the original article, and can be very useful when browsing the site. If you want to create a Simple Wikipedia article, however, you'll need reliable sources that lend credibility to your page, and you'll have to submit it for review before it's posted.

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