February 22, 2024

How to Make Videos Load Faster on Android

The mobile video experience is a vital one for both users and website visitors. With attention spans getting shorter, it’s important to optimize your video content and load times for maximum performance. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve video loading speeds on your android device.

One common cause of slow video loading is background apps and ongoing downloads. This can drain your network bandwidth and lead to sluggish video streaming. To fix this, close any unnecessary apps and pause any ongoing downloads. You can also clear cached data from your apps to free up space and speed up loading time.

Another way to improve video loading is by using a lightweight video format. Video compression can reduce file size significantly without sacrificing quality. The most popular and widely used video formats include MPEG-4, WebM, AVI, and WMV. In addition, omitting audio from videos can further lower the file size. This can be achieved by using multiple video editing tools or simply removing the audio during the export process.

Using a CDN can help with video loading speed by caching your assets across multiple servers. This enables your video to be loaded from the nearest server, which results in faster delivery. Additionally, implementing Asynchronous JavaScript allows your page to load before the video starts playing. This not only improves First Input Delay but also ensures that Googlebot is able to parse the video. To get started, check out our video CDN solution.

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