January 31, 2024

How to Make Someone Unfollow You on Twitter

When Twitter users meet annoying people online, they may wish to remove them from their followers list. It's a simple process on the web, but is more complicated on mobile apps. This article covers three methods of removing users from your follower list. The method you choose depends on your preferred extremity level.

You can remove unwanted followers on Twitter's website by clicking the "three dots" next to their tweet or profile. Then select "block." You'll get a confirmation message before the user is blocked. Once you block a person, they won't be able to follow or interact with you on the platform.

Until recently, blocking a Twitter user only muted them from your point of view. They could still follow you and read your tweets in their streams, but they wouldn't see your updates on their Twitter page. That changed when the social network added a new feature called Soft Block, which allows you to eliminate unwanted followers without permanently blocking them.

To use Soft Block, log into your Twitter account on a web browser on any device. Click the profile icon and select "Followers." From there, select the unwanted follower and click the "three dots" next to their tweet. Then select "block."

You can also use third-party tools like Audiense Connect to remove users from your Twitter community in bulk. These tools can help you clean up your Twitter profile and improve engagement rates. They're available at various pricing plans, and many offer free trials.

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