January 31, 2024

How to Make Someone Unfollow You on Twitter and Instagram

You might want to make someone unfollow you for a variety of reasons. Maybe you find their tweets or stories obnoxious and they're making your Twitter timeline look cluttered and messy. Or perhaps they're an online harasser or bully who you'd like to stop following you. There is a way to make unwanted users remove you without them knowing, but you have to do it through the platform's official channels and not using a third-party tool.

You can force a follower to unfollow you by visiting their profile and clicking the three dots next to their name. Then you can select "Block" or "Restrict." If you block a user, they'll no longer be able to follow you or see your public posts. However, if you decide to unblock them in the future, they'll be able to automatically follow you again.

Instagram has a similar option. When you scroll through your Instagram home feed and come across a post from a user you don't want to follow anymore, simply click the arrow on the bottom right-hand corner of their picture to reveal a drop-down menu. Here, you'll see the option to "Unfollow."

You can also mute users on Twitter to remove them from your account. To mute them, visit their profile and locate the row with their follow button, notifications, and direct message link. You'll notice a gray button with three little dots in the top-right corner of their Twitter image. This button is actually a mute switch that, when clicked, will turn red and say "Mute" underneath it.

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