February 23, 2024

How to Make a TikTok Edit

The TikTok platform offers a wealth of creative video editing tools that can take your bite-sized videos to the next level. But with so much competition, you'll need a strong TikTok editing strategy to grab attention and grow engagement.

Before you hit the record button, spend a few moments creating a storyboard for your video. This can help you plan your clip order and spot any gaps that might lose your audience's attention. Even better, sketching your clips out beforehand can save you time throughout the TikTok editing process because you'll know exactly which shots you need to reorder or reshoot.

Having the right audio is key to making your video stand out on TikTok. Make sure you're using a high-quality microphone when filming and try to shoot in quiet areas where there isn't too much background noise. You can also use the studio sound feature inside Descript to get professional-quality audio without spending thousands on expensive video equipment.

TikTok has a range of effects that you can use to enhance your bite-sized videos, such as filters, green screen stickers, emojis, text captions and voiceovers. Adding the right video effects can make your videos more visually appealing and accessible for viewers who might not be able to hear or see the video's content.

Including popular trending sounds is another way to capture the attention of your audience. However, be careful when using this tactic because trends can disappear quickly. Using them as background music can also give your video more visibility in the TikTok feeds of people searching for that particular sound.

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