February 22, 2024

How to Make a Poll on Text Message

A poll on text message is an effective way to collect customer feedback, run contests and gamification campaigns, gather opinions on products or services, and more. With SMS Poll, your customers can provide their responses in real time, and you can instantly see the results in your dashboard – allowing you to analyse the data at your leisure.

How to make a poll on text message

The iPhone doesn’t have a built-in option for creating polls in iMessage group chats. However, it’s easy to use a third-party polling app to create and manage iMessage group polls with ease. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create and send a poll using the free Polls for iMessage app.

To create a Polls for iMessage poll, first open the Messages app and select the relevant group chat. Then tap on the App Store icon and search for “Polls for iMessage”. Once you find it, tap Download to install the app.

Once you’ve created the poll, your audience can participate by sending an SMS to a local number assigned to each of the poll options. For example, if you ask what search engine they use most, your audience will send an SMS with the keyword “MSN” to the voting number “1111”, or “Google” to the voting number “1102”, and so on.

You can edit certain details of your iMessage group poll at any point before sending it. You can also check the votes for each of the options in your iMessage group poll and view the winning option. You can even set your iMessage group poll to stop accepting votes at a specified date and time, which is useful for contests or competitions where a winner needs to be announced by a certain time.

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