February 22, 2024

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Group Chat

Instagram recently revamped its poll feature and also expanded it to group DMs. This new update is a great way for businesses to understand public choices and opinions by adding poll stickers in their direct messages that will be visible to viewers in real-time.

The Instagram Polls tool allows you to ask your followers a question and customize the answers (for example, black/white, hot/cold, today/tomorrow, on/off). You can create a poll by tapping the sticker button and selecting “Poll”. Once you’ve added your questions and options, press the ‘Create Poll’ button and share the results with anyone in the group conversation who chooses to vote.

Once your poll is created, you can see the responses in a bar graph that will display the percentage of each option. Instagram users can also view the results by clicking the “View Poll Results” button.

One thing to note is that the responses are not anonymous and the creator of the poll will be able to see the user’s name along with the option they chose. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your poll questions are well thought out and clear so that the results are accurate. As always, be sure to test your polls with a small group of people before posting them to your entire audience! This way, you’ll be able to spot any potential issues that might need to be addressed. Also, make sure to include a link in your story to encourage people to take the poll.

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