February 22, 2024

How to Make a Poll in Text Message

How To Make A Poll in Text Message

SMS polling is an effective tool to use when you want to run opinion polls with your audience. You can run these polls to get feedback on your latest products or services, find out which content your audience likes most, gauge customer satisfaction, or even evaluate an event you hosted.

While iMessage does not support polls as a native feature, you can use an app such as the 'Polls for iMessage' to create a poll and allow your group members to vote at their convenience in a private way that is secure thanks to end-to-end encryption. The best part is that participants don't need to install this third-party software in order to participate in your poll.

To make a text to vote poll, simply create the question you wish to ask your audience and add a few options for them to choose from. Once you are done, select a keyword that you'd like to use for your poll. Then share this keyword on your social media, on a presentation slide, or wherever you'd like to promote your poll. Once your audience texts this keyword to us, their responses will be tallied automatically in your MessageDesk dashboard.

While there are many benefits to running a text-to-vote campaign, it's important that you remember universal professional texting etiquette and always get consent before sending unsolicited promotional messages. You should also be mindful of your audience's privacy and never send a message that will cause them to receive excessive notifications or spam their phones.

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