January 29, 2024

How to Make a Poll in a Facebook Event

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and is a powerful tool for promoting your business and engaging with your audience. One of the best ways to engage with your audience on Facebook is by creating and sharing polls. Polls are questions with predefined answer options that allow your audience to express their opinions or thoughts on various topics. In this article, we will explore different types of Facebook polls and discover effective techniques for implementing them in your marketing strategy.

How to Make a Poll in a Facebook Event

You can create and share Facebook polls on your personal facebook account, facebook page, and facebook events. To create a poll on your facebook event, you will need to have admin access to the event. The process to create a poll on your event is relatively simple and straightforward. To begin, log into your facebook account and navigate to the event that you want to edit.

In the “Post” section of the Event, click on the "Poll" icon. A new window will open with various options for creating a post. In the "Ask a question" field, type your question and add the answer options for your poll. Then, choose the length of time that you wish your audience to have to respond to the poll (the default is 1 week).

Lastly, select whether you want people to be able to add their own answers to your poll, and then click "Create". You will then be able to see the results of the poll on the right side of your screen.

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