February 23, 2024

How to Link a Video in TikTok Comments

How to link a video in tiktok comments

The wildly popular TikTok app, owned by tech company ByteDance (which also owns the mainland Chinese equivalent Douyin), has become a hub for viral trends that spread like wildfire and challenge long-held beliefs about social media platforms. As a result, brands that want to stand out on the platform have to be ready to test new tactics.

One feature that has been gaining in popularity is the ability to reply to comments with a video response. This allows creators to add more context to a comment, answer questions and respond in uniquely TikTok ways. The resulting videos have been sparking conversation topics, birthing new sub-cultures and providing viewers with entertainment that doesn’t just satisfy a need for quick gratification but delights them with innovative content.

It’s easy to use the video response feature. First, select the comment you want to reply to. Then, tap the camera icon to record a video that is attached as a sticker to the original comment, and posted to your profile page as a new video.

Brands can customize their video responses by deciding what part of the original comment they want to address, and how long they want their video to be on screen. They can even set the video to start at a specific time.

With entertainment being a top reason people watch TikTok, brands are able to create unique content that not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations. However, they should keep in mind that TikTok is a platform where many people are viewing videos with their sound off. Therefore, it’s important for them to design their content so that it’s just as engaging and entertaining with the sound off as it is with the sound on.

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